Sewing with Leather


Leather is one of those fabrics that is admired and equally feared by many people who sew.   The following are tips from Stacy Campbell, Pattern Tester Group Member/Master Leather Sewist, who frequently sews with leather.  Stacy’s superpower?   Check out her sewing work!

Leather Selection
Different animals produce different kinds of leather products. Tandy Leather has a detailed explanation of weights and terminology. Here are some basics that I have learned.

Also check out this leather buying guide by Tandy Leather

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Are you a designer or professional tester?

We are a Facebook group created for the purpose of connecting designers and pattern testers for testing sewing patterns.  You can find us on Facebook by search for our group, and becoming a member by filling out an application form.  We welcome designers and top notch testers.

Photo and handbag sewing credit:  Jennifer Ray, Sewing Pattern Tester Group Member and Pattern Tester

French Seams

The key to great sewing is having the tools you need to make the job easy and pleasant. In order to create a beautiful French seam, those tools should include the following:

  • Some type of wrinkle release for your fabric when ironing (since ironing is key in getting a great final project). My favorite is Mary Ellen’s Best Press, which can be purchased in a few nicely scented selections. Best Press is not starch, per se, and will not leave a white, flaky residue on your fabric.  It will leave your fabric will a nice  light crisp feel. Thrifty Tip: Purchase in the large refill jug along with a mini spray bottle. The spray bottle is easy to handle and can be kept at your sewing area. It can also be purchased in a convenient spray bottle.


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