A Tale of a Fabric Nightmare

houseScary movies–bring it.  Stephen King novels–yes! Haunted house tours–I live in Louisiana near The Myrtles Plantation and not too far from New Orleans’ infamous spooky graveyards–absolutely!  Mess with my fabric, and I wither like a dead spider.

Over the summer, a traumatic thing happened.  Our beloved Hancock Fabrics stores closed.  If you live in the U.S., you felt the burn, too. I was devastated.  I had been shopping there since moving to Baton Rouge in 1987.  With three locations conveniently located, I was in fabric central.  High quality, easy access, great prices.  And then, boom! Within three months, fabric doom.

So what to do?  JoAnn’s.  Hobby Lobby. Quilt Shops (although scarce and far, far away). Okay.  I am not a fabric snob.  I like nice quality, pretty fabric at a good price. But I also like selection.  And quantity.  And again, GOOD PRICING.  But most importantly, GOOD QUALITY.

So I did the unthinkable.  I ordered from Spoonflower.com for a special diaper bag project for a sweet couple for their second son to be born in December.  Because I work well under pressure, I waited until the last minute.  And I did the unspeakable.  At $17.50 per yard, I placed my order with shaking hands.  After a few weeks, I received my order.

I was happily awaiting a beautiful, high quality fabric to sew up a great project.  What I received was a cheap set of bedsheets I could have purchased at Dollar General for around $4 for the bulk. Sheer, pathetic, cheap, $2 per yard-looking fabric.  So I quickly did the Facebook PM “hey, I hate my fabric, I wanna a refund….”  Here’s the response I received:

I did some research on this company.  All good ratings.  Hmmmm.  I dug deeper.   Deeper.  Ah, yes. Not so good.  Apparently, lots of not so good.  This company does not stand by its product.  Okay, so they print the fabric after your order it?  I did not see that coming.   And, yes, I am not the only one taken in by this ratty company.


My happiness right now?  Measure it with two boxes of balled up tissue in the corner of my bedroom and a $60 entry in my checkbook, which I can now count as waste.  Happiness?  Shut up.

So, here’s my suggestion:  just don’t.  Don’t do it.  If you have access to a great fabric store, go to the store.  I hope that Spoonflower.com sees this because I did let them know I would be advertising my experience for them to help them make their customer service better, and their products better (matching their pricing with their product line), and I try to keep my promise.  But mostly, if I’m going to be taken in, I won’t allow others to be taken in after me.  I’ll go down with the boat, but I will throw you the paddle.  So my sewing friends, save yourself.

Happy fabric shopping.


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