Bella Sunshine Designs Maggie Sew-A-Long!


Welcome to the Bella Sunshine Designs Maggie Top, Tunic, and Dress Sew-A-Long! I have to apologize we are getting started a little late. My daughter had a basketball injury and we spent the day yesterday at the doctor’s office getting a cast and healing instructions. Because of this, I am adjusting our schedule a little bit. The entire schedule is listed below.

I was part of the testing group for Bella Sunshine Designs for the Maggie, and I have made several versions. The Maggie is a perfect wardrobe basic, and the knit fabric makes it super comfortable! The Maggie Dress & Tunic has three sleeve lengths and three hem lengths making this pattern very versatile no matter the season! Both of my teenage daughters love the ones I have made for them, as well!

Since a bust adjustment is included in the pattern, it takes the guesswork out of fitting for the bust! This pattern is perfect for the beginning seamstress.

We are going to start sewing next week, so if you want to join the sew-a-long, you still have plenty of time to purchase the pattern and some pretty fabric!

How can you get “officially” involved?
  • Join the Sewing Pattern Testers Facebook Group (make sure to fill out the membership agreement), and from there, join the Maggie Top, Tunic, and Dress Sew-A-Long Event.
  • If you’d like to share your progress and finished creations, you can post on the Facebook page, in the Facebook Event, or on other Social Media.  If you share your creations, and use the hashtags #BSDMaggie and #sewingpatterntesters.
  • The sew-a-long posts will be accessible on this blog, so you can participate at a later date if you want.
How will the posts be broken down?
  • Week 1 – January 2nd – 7th
    • #1 – Intro and Schedule, Supplies, How to Participate, and Fabric Recommendations
    • #2 – Pattern Preparation, Preparing Fabric, Choosing Your Size
  • Week 2 – January 8th – 13th
    • #3 – Serger vs. Sewing Machine
    • #4 – How to Shorten/Lengthen
    • #5 – Shoulder Seams and Sleeve Insertion
  • Week 3 – January 14th – 20th
    • #6 – Neckband Sewing Tips
    • #7 – Side Seams and Neckband
  • Week 4 – January 21st – 27th
    • #8 – Hemming
    • #9 – Styling Up or Down
  • Week 5 – January 28th – 31st
    • #10 – Round-Up Party Link-Up to share your creations!

*If there is anything I haven’t covered here that you would
like me to include, please let me know as soon as possible!*

I’m getting excited. What do I need?
  • The Bella Sunshine Designs Maggie Top, Tunic, & Dress Pattern.  Melissa has kindly offered a coupon code for the pattern. If you have not already purchased the Maggie Top, Tunic, & Dress, use the code SEWMAGGIE to purchase the pattern for only $6.00!
  • Depending on which style and sleeve length you are making and what size, you’ll need between 1-3/8 yards and 2-1/4 yards (size zero short sleeve top to size 20 long sleeve dress).
  • The fabric needs to be 4-way or 2-way stretch knit with at least a 50% stretch, but no more than 75% stretch. Suggested fabrics include medium weight jerseys with good recovery.
  • ¼” Clear Elastic
  • A walking foot for a standard sewing machine (is not a necessity)
  • Matching thread. It’s a good idea to buy this at the same time as buying your fabric (or keep a swatch with you) to make sure you get a good color match.
  • Various dressmaking supplies: a sewing machine, fabric scissors/rotary cutter, paper scissors, tracing paper, pens & pencils, pins, a tape measure, tailor’s chalk, and an iron.

The sewing instructions are identical for each of the three different length options, so I will not be addressing them specifically except for styling options.

That’s about it for now . . . See you soon for Post #2


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