Tester Spotlight Interview – Rachel Reece


What prompted your interest in sewing? I always had an interest in sewing since I was little, but what rekindled it was having my girls.

Who taught you how to sew? My mother taught me how to sew the basics when I was 8, then self-taught the rest of the years.

Why do you choose to test sewing patterns? It’s fun socially and to help the designers get that perfect fit that they are looking for.

What kind of sewing machine do you use?  Did you purchase it, or was it handed down to you by a family member? I own a shark euro pro, I actually bought it for my sister, but then she later gave it to me because I was using it a lot.

Do other members of your family sew?  My mother and grandmother sew, and also my in-laws sew. Calling on everyone if I have any questions is fun.

Tell us about you: I am a cosmetologist by trade and living the country life. Now a stay at home mom to my two little girls. Love my new job!! I just love to do anything that I can create with my hands.

What special sewing skill do you have and how did you discover it? I don’t know if I have a special skill yet.

What is your favorite kind of things to sew? I love making dresses. It’s my goal this year to make more dresses, too.

What other hobbies do you enjoy? I refinish furniture, cook, paint, and do photography. I think I enjoy almost everything.

What other hobbies would you like to learn? I’m still learning photography, and probably actually building furniture (I have tons of ideas in my head.)

*Rachel is a top-notch sewing pattern tester. We are thrilled to have her in our circle of testers!  Thank you Rachel, for sharing your love of sewing and your talent with us.





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