Bag Making – Double-Sided Strap Tutorial

We have a new tutorial for you this mont – how to create a double sided strap!  This tutorial is brought to you by Lisa from Andrie Designs.

Lisa was born and raised in New Zealand but now resides in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two daughters.  She was taught to sew by her mother, and has experimented with different applications of sewing.  Lisa developed a fascination with handbags in her teenage years, and after being unable to find an insulated lunch bag pattern that fit her needs she drafted her own.  Eventually, Lisa became an “official” pattern designer and re-branded her original of Two Pretty Poppets to Andrie Designs (pronounced Anne-Dree).

Check out Andrie Designs and Lisa’s original instructions for the Double Sided Strap.

She writes that she “considers a strap as ‘double sided’ if it has one material (such as quilting cotton) on one side, and a different material (such as cork or leather), on the other side. To make it really stand out, I like to make the ‘top material’ slightly narrower so the ‘bottom material’ can be easily seen down each side.”


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