Market Shopper Sew-A-Long – Post #2

The Quilt Market Shopper was designed by our very own Angie, and it was tested by members of our Facebook Group.  This pattern is also FREE for members of the group.

The Market Shopper can be made out of leather/vinyl or cloth, or a combination of both.  For this sew-a-long, I am making an all-cloth version.  If you have any questions during this sew-a-long, feel free to ask in the comments, and I will answer as quickly as possible.  If your preference is to sew one with leather/vinyl, post a comment with your question, and I will have one of our other admins address it.

Today we are going to assemble the exterior of the bag including the handle and strap connectors and zipper.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up reading Post #1 – Tools, Supplies, & Cutting.

Strap & Handle Connectors

If you are construction a bag that is fully cloth with no leather or vinyl, you will have 12 connector pieces.  After applying interfacing to each connector piece (12), put them into pairs right sides together.  Then sew around the edge of each at a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Be sure to leave a gap in the stitching to turn them right side out.  Trim the seam except at the opening.

Turn the connectors right sides out, and press, making sure to tuck ends of opening all the way inside.  There is no need to stitch the opening closed.  Set aside

Panel Strip

To prepare the exterior panel strip, after applying interfacing, fold the strip wrong sides together and press.  Unfold and press edges to meet the center fold line.


Exterior Bag Panels

Clip or pin exterior bag panels together right sides together along the center bag seam.  Stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Press seam allowance open.

Place exterior bag panel right side up.  Pin one of the panel strips to the center seam of the bag panel, lining up the center of each.  Sew the bag panel strip to the bag panel using a 1/8″ or smaller seam allowance.


To prepare the bag panel foam, zigzag stitch around the outside edge using about a 3/8″ seam allowance.  This reduces the bulk in the seam allowances when the bag is assembled.

Clip the foam to the wrong side of the exterior bag panels and baste together.  I basted them together following the zigzag line from the previous step.


Handle Connectors

Make a mark 2-1/2″ down from top of bag and centered (mine was 3-1/2″, but it may vary) between bag edge and panel strip to line up handle connectors.

Slide one handle connector piece through hardware, and center the “folded” piece over the mark you just made.  Pin in place.


Using a zipper foot, sew as close to the hardware as possible, and then topstitch through all layers to attach the connector.  Repeat for the other three connectors.


Assemble Exterior Panels

Clip or pin exterior bag panels along shorter sides with right sides together.  Measure and mark  1-1/2″ from the top of the bag panel on both sides.  Stitch from mark down.  Reinforce stitching at mark.

Create “V” Seam & Strap Connector

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of this whole process, but I can talk you through it.  Once the side seams are complete, fold top corners over so the folded edge is 2-1/2″.  Topstitch a continuous line starting at one edge, pivoting at the side seam, and continuing to the other edge.  Repeat for other side seam “V”.


Create the adjustable strap connector using your “D” rings.  Slide a connector through the “D” ring, and pin together.  Using a zipper foot, sew one line of stitching as close to the “D” ring as possible.

Pin the connector over the “V”seam so one side of the connector is on the exterior and one is on the foam side of the seam.  Topstitch through all layers to attach the connector.  Repeat for the other strap connector.


Apply Zipper

Argh, I am such a slacker – I only have one picture of this part of the process, as well.  Please please please, if you have any questions at all, comment below, and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

To apply the zipper, place it face down, right sides together, with exterior bag and clip or pin. Using a zipper foot, stitch close to zipper teeth.  If you are using a long zipper, ignore the extra length for now.

Attach the exterior panel to the other side of the zipper, close the zipper all the way, and turn the bag inside out (foam side out).  Pin tab end of the zipper to exterior bag panel right sides together (this ensures the zipper ends match up and the correct side of the zipper is sewn to the correct side of the bag panel.

Unzip the zipper, clip or pin the remainder of the zipper to the bag panel, and stitch.  Remove any basting stitches that show on the exterior bag panel, and press zipper well.

Bottoms Up!

Find the center of the bottom piece both lengthwise and crosswise.  Mark with pins.  Match the center marks of the crosswise pins with the side seams, and the center lengthwise pins with the center seam of the exterior bag panel.

Pin remainder of bottom to exterior bag panels and stitch at a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Turn bag right side out using a point turner to make sure seams are crisp.  Press.

Look!  You have finished your exterior bag body!  I feel like this is the most difficult part of this bag, so from here on out is smooth sailing!

I will see you back here tomorrow for Post #3, which will cover assembling the interior pockets and lining.

Again, please comment with any questions if you have them.


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