Market Shopper Sew-A-Long – Post #4

The Quilt Market Shopper was designed by our very own Angie, and it was tested by members of our Facebook Group.  This pattern is also FREE for members of the group.

The Market Shopper can be made out of leather/vinyl or cloth, or a combination of both.  For this sew-a-long, I am making an all-cloth version.  If you have any questions during this sew-a-long, feel free to ask in the comments, and I will answer as quickly as possible.  If your preference is to sew one with leather/vinyl, post a comment with your question, and I will have one of our other admins address it.

Are you ready to finish your bag?  Get ready because today we are going to attach the lining to the bag, assemble the handles and adjustable straps, and add finishing touches.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up reading Post #1 – Tools, Supplies, & CuttingPost #2 – Bag Exterior & Connectors, and Post #3 – Interior Pockets and Bag Lining.

Attach lining to bag

To attach the lining to the exterior bag, make sure the exterior is right side out and the lining is wrong side out.  Slip the exterior bag INSIDE the lining, matching side seams and “V” seams.  Pin or clip each side along the zipper (zipper teeth will be facing inside the bag).


Stitch lining to exterior along zipper on both sides.  Be sure not to sew the “V” seams closed, they will be hand-stitched in a later step.

Turn bag right side out through the opening in the side seam of the lining.  I didn’t make my hole quite large enough, so this step took a lot of time and finesse.


Once you have the lining turned right side out, pin the opening closed and use a ladder stitch to sew it closed.  You could stitch a scant 1/8″ seam here if you don’t want to hand stitch it closed, but I prefer the invisible hand stitching.


Next, pin the bag lining to the exterior bag at the strap connectors and “V” seams.  Hand stitch.  For this step, I tucked the zipper ends (the top end) between the lining and exterior, and I stitched them in place.




handles & Adjustable Strap

The handles and adjustable strap are prepared using the same method.  First, iron the long strips wrong sides together, matching raw edges so there is a fold in the center.  Next fold the edges in so they meet at the center line and press.  Finally, fold and press along the original center line.


Edge stitch both edges of each strap at 1/8″.  If desired, stitch a center line down each strap.

Insert end of handle into handle hardware 2″ with raw end on back side.  Topstitch 1/8″ across the raw edge of the handle end, then proceed to topstitch each side to the hardware and across the handle once more at the hardware.  Repeat for remaining handle ends and hardware.  NOTE:  The pattern instructs you to zigzag stitch across the raw ends of the handles and straps made from cloth; however, I did not do this step.


For the static end (non-adjustable end) of the adjustable strap, insert the strap through one of the swivel clasps, overlapping the end 1″-2″ with the excess on the wrong side.  Clip or pin in place.  Topstitch 1/8″ across the raw edge of the strap end, then continue to stitch around the excess forming a square.

On opposite (adjustable) end of strap, slip adjustable hardware (with bar) onto the strap covering the center bar.  Then slip swivel clasp onto strap.  Be sure to pay attention to the right side and wrong side of the strap when adding hardware on this end.

Fold the strap end behind/under the hardware, over the center bar, creating enough space to sew inside the circle of fabric.  Stitch strap end down in the same manner as the other strap and handle ends.


Clip your finished strap to your bag!

Finishing Touches

I used a very long (24″) zipper for this bag, but I didn’t want to have that long of a zipper tail just flopping around when I carried my bag.  I stitched over the zipper teeth several times, reinforcing the stitches, and then I cut the zipper off to leave about a 4″ tail.  I then added a zipper tab to cover the raw end.

Tassels, zipper pulls, or other metal charm decorations can be added to dress up your bag, as well!

You have now completed you Market Shopper Bag!  CONGRATULATIONS.  Make sure you comment if you have any questions.

Be sure to share your creations in the Linky Party Below and by using the hashtag #marketshopper on social media.

Linky Party!


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