BOTM December – Amy Betts

Amy Betts is a Mom, Daughter, Sister, Techie-Nerd ,LARP-er, Sewer, Crafter, Crocheter, Photographer, Gamer, Outdoor Enthusiast, and Educator in our Group. Her blog is crafty and entertaining.  Check out her hand pieced quilting project!


Find her on Facebook:


BOTM November – Stacy Campbell

Blogger, Leather Expert, Lover of Fashion and Design, Pattern Tester, and recent addition to our Group Admin Team:  Stacy Campbell.  Sewing Specialty including leather, but Stacy is talented across the sewing board.  Her blog is chock-full of beautiful sewing work, photography, and many other forms of creative art.


BOTM October – Parrish Weatherly

Blogger, Sewist and Pattern Tester Member:  Parrish Weatherly


Sewing Specialty:  Kids’ Apparel
This Month’s Topic:  Blending Sizes
Facebook Page:
Favorite Quote:  If you don’t build your dreams, regret will build your nightmares. Matshona Dhliwayo


Parrish began sewing in April 2016.  (That’s not a typo)  She began sewing for her newborn daughter after taking ONE sewing class.  For Parrish, her daughter brings her inspiration, and her husband supplies his support. Since she has a Type A personality, sewing is a natural fit. Parrish enjoys helping beginning sewists.  So happy to have her in our corner of the sewing world.  What a great inspiration for our beginner group members!

Go check out her blog.  She has a lot of great material!