Add Lace Embellishment to a Knit Hemline

We have a new tutorial for you this week!  Cassy from Pear Berry Lane is here to share a quick method for attaching lace to the hemline of a shirt.  Cassy is a wife, mother, teacher, and sewing enthusiast.  Visit her blog, Pear Berry Lane, to learn more about her and her sewing journey.

How to Add a Lace Embellishment to the Hemline of a Knit Top

Hi there! It’s Cassy from Pear Berry Lane Blog. I’m here today sharing a quick tutorial on how to add a bit of lace the hemline of your shirt. I actually made a shirt like this and then went shopping and found an almost identical shirt for my daughter. I guess I must be fashionable. You can be fashionable too, so let’s get too it. Continue reading